The gateway to Waterfront, Badrah meets the need of the modern family and offers affordable housing options. The architecture blends modern modular forms with traditional Arabic design and the overall development has been carefully designed to enhance the overall community feel.



Rent directly with Nakheel and enjoy fantastic rental rates:


Sq. ft.

Rental Fee Per Annum (AED)




Service Charge

(5% of Annual Rent)




(5% Discount)









39,900 AED

42,000 AED

42,000 AED

2,000 AED

2,100 AED

1 Bedroom


52,250 AED

55,000 AED

55,000 AED

3,000 AED

2,750 AED

2 Bedroom


61,750 AED

65,000 AED

65,000 AED

4,000 AED

3,250 AED


76,000 AED

80,000 AED

80,000 AED

4,000 AED

4,000 AED

3 Bedroom

1298 - 1300

83,600 AED

88,000 AED

88,000 AED

5,000 AED

4,400 AED

 2 BR Townhouse

1210 - 1257

85,500 AED

90,000 AED

90,000 AED

5,000 AED

4,500 AED

 3 BR Townhouse

1593 - 1638

92,625 AED

97,500 AED

97,500 AED

5,000 AED

4,875 AED


  • Leasing Fee is 5% of the annual base rent.
  • Service Charges for the year to be collected from the Tenant along with the annual rent.
  • Water & Electricity consumption charges and Dubai Municipality Housing Fee (5% of the Annual Base Rent) is not included, and is to be paid directly to DEWA
  • Tenant should pay directly to DEWA of AED 2,000/- deposit for the Apartments and AED 4,000/- for the Townhouses.
  • Tenant should pay AED 205/- RERA Contract Registration Fees.
  • Tenant to contact IGS Co. LLC (04 451 7773) for connecting cooking gas supplied through pipeline.
  • Tenant should  contact Al Shirawi US Chillers (Nakheel Asset Management, Building No. 3, Between ENOC & Winchester School) to connect the District cooling for the Apartments & pay as per the below table. This is not applicable for the Townhouses.
Charge Description Rate (AED) Payment Frequency
Connection & Administration Fee 1,500 One time
Refundable Security Deposit
Studio Apt: 1,500
1 & 2 BR Apt: 2,000
3 BR Apt: 3,000
One time
Capacity Charge/TR Property TR
Property TR (see schedule)
Capacity: [ ] x
Rate: [74/TR per Month]
Consumption Charge/TR-Hr 0.563/TR-hr monthly
Meter Service Fee 30.00/month monthly
Reconnection Charge (ref. Cls.15) 2,000 when invoked
Dishonoured Cheque Fee 2,000 when invoked



1) Leases in personal name:

  • Valid passport copy with visa page, your current residency can be confirmed by an original employment letter (current dated, signed and stamped) or by verifying original passport, work permit or identification card
  • Emirates ID Card
  • Contact/booking details forms to be filled
  • Legal tenant should be present for leasing formalities


2) Leases in company name:

  • Confirmation letter from the company with the authorized person’s signature and company stamp
  • Valid trade licence copy
  • Proof of authorised signatory/ies (vide attaching a copy of Memorandum of Association/letter that is submitted to bank), including their passport copy with visa page.
  • Occupant’s passport copies
  • Contact/booking details forms to be filled
  • Lease documentation etc. should be collected by an authorised person, along with an authorisation letter to do so on company letterhead


3) Rental Cheques: All cheques must be issued by the legal tenant/tenancy contract holder only.


4) First Instalment: the first rent, security deposit and leasing fee must be in either cash or by manager’s cheque.


5) Cheques should be made payable to “NAKHEEL DUBAI WATERFRONT LEASING”


6) DEWA Deposit: To be paid at the DEWA office prior to key collection.


7)  Discounts are available depending on the number of cheque payments.




  • All of the above requirements are mandatory, without which leasing formalities will be incomplete.

  • Please be advised that sharing, sub-leasing or exceeding the pre-defined number of occupants of each apartment type is illegal and not allowed.

    For registration/enquiries please contact Nakheel Leasing by email at or call 04 390 3333.