Nakheel Developments

From the initial planning stages of a project to creating outstanding interior décor, Nakheel Developments turns dreams into reality.

Nakheel Developments prides itself on having the experience and expertise required to conceive, develop and deliver a total package that provides the ultimate experience for residents, visitors, partners and customers.

From the initial stages of a project, efficient urban planning techniques are incorporated, to ensure that even the most monumental developments integrate effectively with existing amenities. Through a detailed process of planning to ensure the entire area of development is in harmony with the Nakheel vision and ensure every aspect of the project provides the highest living standards for residents and a breathtaking experience for visitors.

The Developments team is comprised of field-leading experts, ensuring that environmental data is painstakingly analysed, architectural spaces are meticulously assessed and surrounding landscaping and irrigation requirements are evaluated. All operations, throughout the lifecycle of development process are closely monitored and contracts are vigorously negotiated to guarantee that the highest standards of quality are met whilst still providing investors with the best possible value.

Nakheel Developments is committed to the highest standards of health and safety, and cares for its people, customers, business partners and neighbours. Extensive experience of confronting the 'impossible' places us in a unique position to provide strategic assistance in high profile projects and our emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility sets the benchmark for the entire construction industry.

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