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Customer Services

What is the role of Customer Service?

Customer Service provides sales administration services (i.e. issues with contracts, transfer of properties and other back office processes).

In addition Customer Services handles customer complaints and respond to customer enquiries through web services and a specialised call centre.


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

What are the key service provided by the customer service?

Key services include, but not limited to:

  • Resale NOC (No Objection Certificate) for both "Constructed" and "Under Construction" properties/Lands.
  • Updating Customer Information
  • Registration / Discharge of Financing arrangements
  • Title Deed Registration for "Constructed" properties and "Fully Paid" plots only.
  • Pre- Registration for "Under Construction" properties and "Constructed under Payment Plan" properties.
  • Affection Plan for "Under Construction" properties
  • Visa Services (Apply and Cancellation)


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

What are the requirements to apply for any services?

Owner to clear all outstanding payments (please call 04393333 for financial clearance), upon the clearance owner to download and fill the related service form and attach with the below requirement :


Common Requirements:

  • Customer Information Sheet to be filled (click her to Download)
  • A copy of SPA (Sales Purchase and Agreement)
  • Passport / UAE ID (Original and Copy)
  • Company information documents (in case property is owned by a company)


Specific Requirements:

  • Original Title Deed / Pre-Registration (Oqood) for the below services:
    • Visa Service
    • Resale NOC
    • Updating Customer Information
    • Affection Plan request
  • Original bank offer letter addressed to Nakheel  and Assignment document in triplicate signed by the bank and the customer for Registration of Financing arrangements service
  • Original bank discharge letter addressed to Nakheel for Discharge of financing arrangement service


Additional Requirements:

  • Mortgage letter addressed to Dubai Land Department Title Deed Registration services
  • Original Power of Attorney (POA) and Passport/UAE ID of the customer legal representative


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

Where to apply for the service?

Customer Service Building 3 - Sunday to Thursday between 8:00am - 2:00 pm at Nakheel Sales Center


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

Facility Management

What is Facility Management?

A department focus to work through Nakheel communities assets for its longevity and sustainability.


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

What are the key services FM provide?

Key services include, but not limited to

  • Soft Services (MEP, Waste Management, Gardening and Landscaping, Pest Control and Security / Watchman )
  • Hard Services (Lift System, Plumbing System, Access Control System, Security CCTV System, Electrical System and Fire Alarm System)
  • Infrastructure ( Street Lights, Project Plumbing services , Storm Water,  Transport systems, Fire & Irrigation )


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

Community Management

What is Community Management?

The Community Management role is to ensure the wellbeing, community spirit, safety, security and value of communities in keeping with the vision of Dubai and United Arab Emirates


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

Owner Association

What is the function of Owners Association?

Owners Association (OA) function is to manage the common areas and assets, ensuring that the community assets are maintained well, integrating environmental efficiencies, promoting harmony within the residents


Last Updated: 03-10-2013

Project Management

What is the role of Project Management?

Project Management Team (PMT) role is to manage every step of the process, from the start of the initial space planning through to project completions.


Last Updated: 03-10-2013