We are delighted to announce the completion of beach enhancement works on Palm Jumeirah. The project began on 15 September 2022 and was completed by the end of 2023

A commemorative ceremony marked the near completion of the project with the last quantity of sand deposited at the Roundhead on Frond H by Nakheel’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Naaman Atallah. This signalled the last pump of sand by the dredger Volvox Olympia, operated by marine contractor Royal Van Oord.

The event was attended by Nakheel’s C-Suite, senior management and the Projects and Marine Engineering team. Senior management from Royal Van Oord, Jacobs and PL Group, who have been integral to the project’s progress, were also present during the event.

The enhancement of the 55 kilometre stretch of beachfront on Palm Jumeirah aims to improve its foundation and aesthetics. As the project is complete, it stands as a testament to the collective efforts and achievements between Nakheel and its project partners.

These enhancement works ensure that the beaches on Palm Jumeirah are restored from natural erosion over time. These included readjusting the width and slope of the beaches, in addition to adding 1.5 million cubic metres of a special type of marine sand and enhancing 300 metres each day until the project was finished.

The completion of this project contributes to the conservation of marine life and the circulation of water by the fronds, and also enhances the experience for residents and visitors of Palm Jumeirah as a landmark of luxury residence and tourism in the UAE.

Nakheel marks the completion of Palm Jumeirah beach enhancement with contractors

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