We strive for a healthy and secure workplace

Nakheel HSSE ensures strict adherence to health and safety policies across Nakheel’s residential, retail, hotel and infrastructure developments. With nearly 20 projects under construction at any given time, every project requires a contractor and project management consultant with an active HSE plan that meets both regulatory requirements as well as Nakheel’s strict health and safety requirements.

Nakheel strives to maintain high standards of construction management and performance. Every contractor and project management consultant working on Nakheel projects is required to have a Health and Safety Plan that sufficiently meets regulatory as well as Nakheel’s strict health and safety requirements. A program of inspections and audits must be carried out by contractors, consultants and Nakheel.

The combination of active planning and on-the-ground checking of performance, safeguards against work-related injuries.


Deliver sustainable communities for the wellbeing

Nakheel aims to deliver sustainable communities by protecting and maintaining the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors. A range of sustainability initiatives have been planned and implemented through building design, energy and water consumption, use of renewable energy and development of facilities to promote an active lifestyle. This includes carrying out in-house reviews, inspections and audits of operational and maintenance activities across Nakheel’s communities, malls, clubs and restaurants.

Other significant installations include 2,300 solar-powered streetlights, across Jebel Ali Village, Jumeirah Village Circle, Azure Residences, Club Vista Mare and Warsan Village as well as the installation of a vacuum sewer network servicing Palm Jumeirah’s frond villas. A variety of sustainability initiatives have been planned for upcoming projects. The air-conditioning water condensate of The Night Market will be recovered and re-used, which is expected to result in significant water and energy savings....

The planned design of the hanging gardens façade of Palm Beach Residences on Palm Jumeirah, aims to reduce air conditioning requirements, while improving air quality and resident health by filtering airborne dust and increasing oxygen levels...


Preserving ocean life for a sustainable future.

Nakheel’s marine projects such as Palm Jumeirah, The World and Deira Islands, have created more than 500kms of coastline for Dubai. All projects are extensively studied during the design and construction phases. Studies have indicated that before the creation of these marine projects, Dubai’s coastline was a marine habitat of relatively low diversity, with only small and isolated areas of natural reef. Nakheel’s marine project breakwaters have added more than 130kms of rocky reefs, creating hundreds of hectares of important marine habitat, attracting large numbers of diverse marine life and supporting the breeding of fish and other species.

All marine projects are managed as de facto marine reserves i.e. excluding all commercial fishing activities from zones that extend out 1 nautical mile beyond our breakwaters. This enables the re-establishment of commercial fish populations in the Dubai region to eventually help support a sustainable local fishing industry. Nakheel works with international and local marine experts, academics and marine environmental groups to develop management strategies, plans and actions for our marine projects, as well as support local scientific research projects in some environmentally unique locations. This includes scientists from organisations such as the United Nations University, Zayed University, Al Ain University, Dubai Municipality, Trakhees and the Emirates Marine Environment Group...

Nakheel has been involved with several major coral translocations, saving corals that were under pressure at several points along the Dubai coast. More than 60,000 coral colonies have been translocated to Nakheel’s breakwaters and marine areas, in cooperation with marine conservation groups and experts..

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