Al Warsan Bird Sanctuary

What better way to transform a disused quarry than turning it into a bird sanctuary? That's exactly what Nakheel have done at Al Warsan Lake.

Al Warsan Lake, located next to International City, is a wetland that has been created by taking treated effluent from the nearby Al Awir treatment plant and putting it into a disused quarry. As well as becoming home to various species of plants, mammals, fish and reptiles, the lake is now frequented by at least 186 bird species, which is roughly 44% of the total number of species known to inhabit or migrate through in the UAE.

Nakheel is spearheading the effort to protect and conserve Al Warsan Lake by having it recognised as an internationally important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. In order to encourage the environment to thrive, as well as to help educate both locals and visitors to the UAE about the region’s unique environment, Nakheel has developed the Al Warsan Lake into a Bird Sanctuary.

The development of the Al Warsan Lake Bird Sanctuary will offer people the opportunity to view and study the different bird species that now visit this unique wetland. The Lake Preservation Project has identified 11 different habitats, which they are looking to promote. Plans for the Bird Sanctuary include bird observation points, education projects and aviaries, a night lighting system for the birds, planting of indigenous plant species and a water treatment plant (with a capacity of around 4,000 to 5,000 cubic metres of water a day).